This week at Casey

  • Kenny Smith at Casey

    23 November 2012 Single page view

    Building of the east wing accomodation begins at the Red Shed. Expeditioners also have a theme night and prove that Casey station is number one.

  • Danielle holding a frozen soil sample from the biopile

    16 November 2012 Single page view

    Even Antarctica isn't safe from the Aussie shed. Expeditioners at Casey clear out some old building materials, remediation continues at a fuel spill site and the Shirley Island Adélie penguins are getting busy.

  • Summer chef, Jarrod, on skis

    9 November 2012 Single page view

    Exciting times at Casey meant a slight delay of the news due to an influx of the summer expeditioners! Photos of the planes plus Casey's 'ski school' included. Somehow we managed to slip in a few cute baby Weddell seal pics to boot.

  • The Basler DC3 parked up before heading off to McMurdo

    2 November 2012 Single page view

    Well being leads to weight loss this week at Casey plus we take a medical themed quiz, a plane arrives and we say goodbye to Jeb.

  • Crossing Peterson Channel

    26 October 2012 Single page view

    Expeditioners are out and about this week on a jolly to Peterson Island, the Antarctic Running Club does a hut resupply and Casey celebrates with an end of winter dinner!

  • Case tractor with grader blade is one of the tools used to prepare the CSLA

    19 October 2012 Single page view

    This week, Casey station prepares an icy runway and expeditioners pass the time with a music quiz.

  • Mike with Ardery Island in the background as well as the broken up sea ice

    12 October 2012 Single page view

    Readying the station for the summer expeditioners is no easy task when dealing with blizzards at Casey. This week the winter crew fixes penguin cams in an extraordinary setting, updates radio communications and does a bit of housekeeping in the 'West Wing'.

  • The first second and third response teams are now ready to return to station from the search site

    5 October 2012 Single page view

    Search and rescue training in extreme climates and diesos prepare for summer at Casey station.

  • Instrument panel in a hagglunds

    28 September 2012 Single page view

    At Casey, the perils of travel in Antarctica are explored and truly interesting chef, Gavin, is interviewed.

  • Dave about to head off on the twin otter from the Casey skiway last summer

    21 September 2012 Single page view

    Casey's humidifiers on the blink, an 80s night and Oktoberfest rolled into one, and we meet Dave in Misty's Mad Minute.

  • Sunny and cold day in Antarctica

    14 September 2012 Single page view

    Sledding in Antarctica via Casey station and an interview with Craig.

  • Cape Poinsett camp at dusk

    7 September 2012 Single page view

    At Casey, a trip to the Automatic Weather Station in difficult weather, sea ice disappears overnight and Station Leader Mark is in the hot seat.

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