This week at Casey

29 October 2010
Graeme showing off his work at the Emergency Whiteout Landing Strip This week we have continued to focus on the arrival of aircraft (C212s and the LC130) and when these planes land the summer season officially commences. Graeme and a small support team are at the skiway (5 nm from station) every day preparing the landing strip and there’s lots to do, grooming, reposition fuel, mark the skiway with flags, and ensure we have the appropriate equipment and vans on site to support the team coming in. Due to the nature of Antarctic weather a second landing strip at A19 (approx 60 km from Casey) was prepared last week; this strip will only be used if conditions at the skiway are unsuitable on the day. 29 October 2010

20 October 2010
Lots of sausages Sausage making classes, more work on the Wilkins Ops building, cane line maintenance (72 bamboo canes were placed in position between the A line and Browning Hut), work continues on preparing the skiway for the arrival of the C212’s and the Hercules, seal and penguin spotting, general maintenance programs and station clean up have dominated our week. 20 October 2010

15 October 2010
Riding to work in Antarctica Another successful traverse was completed this week, the second within a two month period, preparations for the arrival of the fixed wing C212’s and the Hercules are on track, the Wilkins Operations Building is now taking shape and Casey expeditioners took part in the ‘Ride to Work Day’ promotion. 15 October 2010

8 October 2010
Weddell seal pup The first Weddell seal pup of the season was named by Paul who called him (or her) ‘Pendlebury' after Collingwood’s Scott Pendlebury who won the Norm Smith Medal for Best on the Ground in last week’s AFL grand final. 8 October 2010

1 October 2010
Casey AFL Street Parade The week that was – a footy grand final, preparing the station for the summer team arrival (4 weeks to go) and a few trips off station to take in the views. 1 October 2010

24 September 2010
Runway preparation With only five weeks to go before the first of the two Hercules arrive at Casey with over 60 summer expeditioners, this week, work commenced on preparing the skiway with the help of station personnel. Over the next month expeditioners will be transporting equipment and fuel from station up the hill and preparing a landing strip as per the required specifications. 24 September 2010

17 September 2010
Nodwell This week the team focused on commencing works on the Wilkins Operations Building project, The Law Dome Traverse team completed a very successful traverse to Law Dome to replace the AWS (Automatic Weather Station) and Rob turned another year older. 17 September 2010

10 September 2010
Expeditioner in red wig Time for stock take, monthly fire testing and a trip to Peterson Island, as well as a bit of fun on Wear a Wig Day. 10 September 2010

3 September 2010
Sunrise at Casey On Monday we woke to a stunning sunrise which seemed to hang around for at least two hours. There is nothing better than walking to work when your surrounds - ice, snow, sky and buildings - are various shades of pink, orange and purple. 3 September 2010

27 August 2010
Fitzy with the damaged repeater This week a team headed off to Browning Peninsula to repair the repeater and make a few necessary repairs to the famous Browning Hut only to discover it had lost a wrestling match with strong winds - the repeater had blown off its position and was damaged, the guy wires on the hut had snapped, the hut was off its foundations and had shifted approx one metre and the ‘Micky’ toilet had also blown over. 27 August 2010

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