This week at Casey

21 January 2011 All on one page
Expeditioner dressed up as flower During January at Casey, we have seen soil remediation and contamination cleanup projects coming to fruition. Other activities included the deployment of a new field hut, SAR training, and epic ski treks.

14 January 2011 All on one page
Santa arrives at Casey on his sleigh (drawn by 'reindeer' quad bikes) Belated Christmas Greetings from Casey.

24 December 2010 All on one page
Rough seas and the bow of the Aurora Australis Voyage 2 to Casey: December 2010

17 December 2010 All on one page
Expeditioners ice climbing This week, Casey skiway is aviation central. There's also ice climbing at Wilkes and field training at Browning Peninsula.

10 December 2010 All on one page
Our camp of polar pyramid tents kept us warm and dry through snow storms and cold nights Bunger Hills depot flight, stores transfer, sled hauling and assessing Snowbird Three recovery, Rod's facebook, science update: Tot-Cal Project, survey success, Shirley Island, around station, Titanic dinner... with Titanic music... and Titanic socialising, and the official opening of the Casey Nordic Ski Trail.

3 December 2010 All on one page
Camp complete Wilkins Camp - the get-up and the set-up, water, food and fuel, Casey station and Wilkins weather, the Other Camp - CRYOSAT, from the field, METAR training, trip to Browning Peninsula, around station, SAR training exercise at Wilkes, winter hydroponics team and building works.

26 November 2010 All on one page
Shamus Casa out of action; science teams continue with or without aircraft; plumbing team infiltrate the inner workings of Casey; recreation trip to Wilkes; Ed's survival of the fittest; Bollywood night; and hard training and the Adventures of Shamus.

19 November 2010 All on one page
Reviewing the extension plans The Secret World of the Elusive AGSO; Casey ski patrol; Wilkins Aerodrome; busy at McMurdo; historic Discovery Hut; and work on the West Wing extensions.

12 November 2010
Casey Summer Team prepares for departure at McMurdo On Friday November 5 the second Casey bound group of expeditioners finally took off from Hobart. Just over five hours later we landed at McMurdo Station and were welcomed by the Station Manager George Blaisdell who was pleased to advise that the Hercules was running and ready to go for our onward journey to Casey. Seven hours later we were again graciously greeted by George at McMurdo Station after deteriorating weather caused the dreaded boomerang flight. 12 November 2010

5 November 2010
A smooth landing for the US LC130 Hercules Casey has been a hive of activity this week as the team prepares for the incoming aircraft, personnel and cargo. All on station have stirred into life after a long winter hibernation, and the excitement is building at the thought of meeting new people and receiving mail as eight months of isolation draw to a close. As I write from behind the comms desk, the US LC130 Hercules is inbound for Casey after several days of unsuitable weather and a turned around flight. 5 November 2010

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