This week at Casey

  • Four polar tents

    15 February 2013 Single page view

    This week Louise delivers the final update on the Adélie penguin research for this season, we travel up Law Dome for ice core sampling and a handful of adventuring winterers crossed melt streams on Hägglund to hike up the rocky hills of Browning Peninsula.

  • In the trailer of a Hagglund, on the way from the skiway to Casey station

    8 February 2013 Single page view

    This week our supervising communication technician gets a helping hand from fourteen international visitors, we explore the lost art of ham radio (amateur radio) with Dr Gerry, our new friends from Concordia gets a taste of Casey station life. Finally we are left with a few special words from a person who first set foot in Antarctica in 1983 and returned numerous occasions thereafter.

  • Two expeditioners stretching before a cricket match

    1 February 2013 Single page view

    This week we celebrate Australia Day with a quick dip in Newcomb Bay and take a few wickets in the Casey station Antarctic cricket test match.

  • Expeditioners travelling via inflatable rubber boat

    25 January 2013 Single page view

    This week at Casey we will discover the summer melt through the eyes of a field training officer (FTO) and makie sweet, sweet music with "the band with no name".

  • Another spectacular iceberg

    18 January 2013 Single page view

    This week at Casey we take a look at some of the research being done on flying seabirds, gain an understanding of the workings and significance of the meteorology department and have a look at some of the magnificent icebergs as seen on one of our Sunday cruises.

  • Expeditioners dressed as Santa, Mrs Claus and elves pose in front of Hagglund.

    11 January 2013 Single page view

    Another look back at the busy week of resupply, Casey gets the long awaited visit from the north and it's time to play "Survivor - Antarctica" for some of the newcomers.

  • Dr Sheri Newman and Dr Nick Lerch discussing procedures in the surgery

    4 January 2013 Single page view

    This week has seen the refuelling and resupply of Casey, as well as the arrival of the incoming winterers and the farewell of the outgoing crew. We get a perspective of the activities from one of our summer doctors.

  • A group shot of the Ministerial visit

    21 December 2012 Single page view

    A hillbilly carnival, serious tank work and a ministerial visit this week at Casey station.

  • Adelie penguin protecting its nest rocks

    7 December 2012 Single page view

    This week at Casey, ICECAP survey flights give insight into climate change, Adelie penguins remain an attractive sight for visitors and the Casey-Davis rivarly gets an update.

  • Stu, Jason and Bob in the Casey tankhouse

    30 November 2012 Single page view

    It's all about work this week at Casey. Boilers, building and digging out a road keep our expeditioners busy.

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