This week at Casey

  • Expeditioners take a break on the trooper, en-route to Robbo's Hut

    20 June 2014 Single page view

    A trip to Robbos, some alternative cuisine and the inter-station darts competition all feature in this week's news from Casey station.

  • A cup of hot water thrown into the air immediately vapourises and is captured by the camera as a spray of coloured cloud

    13 June 2014 Single page view

    At Casey this week: growing salad greens in hydroponics, a trip to Wilkes and Jacks huts, what we do when it gets cold, plus strange sounds and smells from a rare Antarctic creature.

  • The wooden plaque/trophy made by Scott Clifford for the winner of the Casey darts tournament

    6 June 2014 Single page view

    This week at Casey we have the annual high stakes darts tournament, unwinding at the Wilkes Hilton, what it's like to be a carpenter here, and the weather summary for the month of May.

  • Toffee apples ready for dessert

    30 May 2014 Single page view

    This week at Casey we hear about the abundance of snow on station, and the problems this causes. We also hear about experiments in home-made beef jerky, everybody’s friend Herman, and steaks with the blues.

  • The Casey sign at night - a wooden sign indicating Casey station but also on the pole above are smaller signs indicating the directions of other places from Casey

    23 May 2014 Single page view

    Casey at night, liquid amber snow petrels and sunsets, shifting snow, and preparations for summer science.

  • Crème caramel on plates with sauce

    16 May 2014 Single page view

    Mother's Day is celebrated at Casey this week plus we achieve some chilly plumbing, the trades bust some myths with science, followed by a wine and food tasting extravaganza.

  • The aurora australis above Casey during April 2014

    9 May 2014 Single page view

    Multi-coloured aurora, April weather highlights and reflecting on our missing furry friends - all part of this week at Casey.

  • A single snowflake

    2 May 2014 Single page view

    From the immense to the miniscule - the solar eclipse, a perfect snowflake, and other things in between.

  • Ali, Stu and Pete near Brownings Hut

    25 April 2014 Single page view

    This week at Casey we learn how field trips can sometimes take longer than expected, have a look at the renovated brew room, and we see a unique piece of equipment located within one of the Casey buildings.

  • Expeditioner Steve votes in the WA senate election, at Casey station, Antarctica

    11 April 2014 Single page view

    Ok, now he's just showing off. Casey station's winter chef does not disappoint in this week's news, plus we meet the meteorology team and learn about some unsung heroes.

  • Case IH quad track at A08, near Casey station

    4 April 2014 Single page view

    This week at Casey we celebrate week of birthdays, take a look at some of the unusual vehicles in use in Antarctica, and we reflect on the March weather with the Met team.

  • Star trails captured on long exposure create a tunnel look above the wooden sign at Casey station, Antarctica indicating in which direction major cities are globally

    28 March 2014 Single page view

    This week at Casey we reflect on the role of LARCs in the station's history, and the first aurora australis of the season lights up the sky for the local paparazzi.

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