This week at Casey

  • A Weddell seal on the sea ice in front of Casey station

    15 August 2014 Single page view

    Poetry, a relaxing jolly and seals return at Casey station.

  • Steve McInnerney next to the dart board at Casey with the top scoring throw of the interstation darts match with Mawson

    8 August 2014 Single page view

    Brunch, Casey huts, monthly weather highs and lows, and a birthday! Plus, find out the results of the highly anticipated inter-station darts tournament.

  • The new happy birthday sign installed at Casey Winter 2014

    1 August 2014 Single page view

    Rob tells us about the happy birthday sign, Casey wins at darts and the midwinter refuelling is completed.

  • The sun is low in the sky as an expeditioner is seen just after hitting a golf ball, his club raised high, he is surrounded by ice

    25 July 2014 Single page view

    Luscious food, extreme golf, snowboarding and a trip to Wilkins Aerodrome - all from Casey station this week.

  • Matt Melhuish, Nick Johnston, Cary Collis, Steve McInnerney beside the completed pool at Casey midwinter 2014

    18 July 2014 Single page view

    Cutting the hole in the ice, the many beards of Casey, and another stunning meal to remember

  • Lovely view of Casey from over the frozen Newcombe bay

    11 July 2014 Single page view

    Shane and Matt venture out into the field to do some science, and the plants in hydroponics get a haircut.

  • A stunning sunset darkens to black at Casey during June 2014

    4 July 2014 Single page view

    The Red Shed Games, a chilly dip, stunning skies, and a weather summary this week at Casey

  • Chef Eddie shows off his iced igloo dessert - he has a dark beard and big smile

    27 June 2014 Single page view

    Two hundred kilometre per hour winds, the winter solstice celebrated, and holiday fun at Casey this week. Plus, a midwinters dinner of epic proportions, and not to be missed. (WARNING: do not read if hungry)

  • Expeditioners take a break on the trooper, en-route to Robbo's Hut

    20 June 2014 Single page view

    A trip to Robbos, some alternative cuisine and the inter-station darts competition all feature in this week's news from Casey station.

  • A cup of hot water thrown into the air immediately vapourises and is captured by the camera as a spray of coloured cloud

    13 June 2014 Single page view

    At Casey this week: growing salad greens in hydroponics, a trip to Wilkes and Jacks huts, what we do when it gets cold, plus strange sounds and smells from a rare Antarctic creature.

  • The wooden plaque/trophy made by Scott Clifford for the winner of the Casey darts tournament

    6 June 2014 Single page view

    This week at Casey we have the annual high stakes darts tournament, unwinding at the Wilkes Hilton, what it's like to be a carpenter here, and the weather summary for the month of May.

  • Toffee apples ready for dessert

    30 May 2014 Single page view

    This week at Casey we hear about the abundance of snow on station, and the problems this causes. We also hear about experiments in home-made beef jerky, everybody’s friend Herman, and steaks with the blues.

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