This week at the station

This week at Casey: 20 June 2014

Alternative cuisine

With our brilliant Chef Eddie off station a few weeks ago, Ali and I decided to cook everyone's favourite culinary delight for dinner: Fray Bentos with mashed spuds and peas. With only ten expeditioners left on station that night, it wasn’t hard to satisfy everyone’s appetite. 

Steve Mc 

Pies before cooking in the Kitchen
(Photo: Steve McInnerney)
Pies after being cooked in the kitchen
(Photo: Steve McInnerney)
A pyramid of pies in their blue tins with Fray Bentos written on the front
Dinner of champions, or, for those who can't be bothered cooking anything…
(Photo: Steve McInnerney)

Inter-station darts

Last Friday night we took on Macca in an inter-station darts competition. With six of the best players from each station chosen and the video link hooked up we started playing. Scotty (current Casey darts king) and Pete took out the first game with a convincing win. The second game, featuring Rob and Dan saw Macca take out the win. The third and final game was a cliffhanger, with Casey out in the lead early. After a few scoring shots on beds, Macca came back from the brink and took the win by one point.

All the best, Macca - until we meet again!

Steve Mc
A view of Macca's dartboard over the videoconferencing link, at Casey station, Antarctica
Our view of Macca's dart board
(Photo: Steve McInnerney)
An expeditioner playing darts, at Casey station, Antarctica
Scotty taking Casey's first shot of the night
(Photo: Steve McInnerney)
An expeditioner playing darts at Casey station, Antarctica
Rob searching for the win
(Photo: Steve McInnerney)

Trip to Robbos

With clear, cold weather forecast for last weekend, Cary, Matt and myself decided to take an overnight trip to Robbos hut. With the Trooper all loaded up with the necessary gear we headed off on Sunday afternoon. The mercury dropped overnight to -32°C, but with clear skies it made a great night to get some aurora shots.

Steve Mc
Expeditioners take a break on the trooper, en-route to Robbo's Hut
Perfect spot for a few photos
(Photo: Steve McInnerney)
A view over Robbos hut, near Casey station, Antarctica
View of Robbos hut at dusk
(Photo: Steve McInnerney)
Aurora australis glowing in the sky over the trooper tracked vehicle, at Robbos hut
Beautiful clear night for auroras
(Photo: Steve McInnerney)
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