This week at the station

This week at Casey: 6 September 2013

Darts Presentation

The overall championship concluded with the presentations of trophies, awards and certificates on last Saturday during dinner. Andy B. and Mark J. received the semi-finalist awards, Benjamin M. as the runner up. A special award went to Aaron M. for being the most outstanding player in the tournament, which was adjudicated by Jukka P. Finally the overall champion, Michael W. received his winner’s trophy and awards. It was a great evening and I would like to thank Ben H., Mark B. and Andy B. for their design and construction of the trophy also thanks to all the participants for making the tournament interesting and success.

Mark receiving an award
Mark J receiving semi-finalist award
(Photo: Abrar Shabren)
Andy B. receiving award from Abrar
Andy B. receiving semi-finalist award
(Photo: Abrar Shabren)
Ben receiving award from Abrar
Ben M. receiving runner up award
(Photo: Abrar Shabren)
Mike receiving winners award from Abrar
Mike receiving the winners award
(Photo: Abrar Shabren)

Hanger Rats

Sunday saw us turn the clocks back to our childhood when toys and friendly competition were rife. The toys of the day were these rubber band powered balsa wood planes, known in Antarctic circles as "Hangar Rats", that we spent the afternoon throwing around the wallow.

A number people went to special effort to decorate or modify their planes in some wonderful attempts to win the prestigious design award. There was replica Israeli insignia by Ben M, the Red Baron by Jukka, the Green Hornet by Leon and the official station airline by Doug, however the winner was the triplane by Mark J.

The first flights were cheered well, but there were some early problems as planes crashed into walls and rubber bands broke. The first casualty only took two flights and Dr Chad's plane lost its wings on about the third flight, he then spent the rest of the time launching it like a missile at the other planes. After about an hour of flying the planes and everyone getting tired from walking up and down the stairs, Mike decided to try and shoot down the competition. In the end, despite a few disintegration's, the most spectacular crash was awarded to Allan for his especially destructive wall-sled-stairs-floor flight.

Mark showing off his toy triplane
Mark J and his triplane
(Photo: Leon Hamilton)
A green painted toy plane
The Green Hornet
(Photo: Leon Hamilton)
Ben winding up his toy plane
Ben M and his Israeli replica
(Photo: Leon Hamilton)
Very bright coloured painted plane
Doug's official Antarctic airline - Penguin Airlines
(Photo: Leon Hamilton)
Jeremy up in the mezzanine floor about to launch his plane
Jeremy and his double winged creation
(Photo: Leon Hamilton)
A crashed triplane on the floor
The triplane crashes
(Photo: Leon Hamilton)
Chad's broken plane
Chad's wingless missile
(Photo: Leon Hamilton)
Remote control helicopter about to take off
(Photo: Leon Hamilton)
A red plane stuck up the window pane
The Red Baron gets stuck
(Photo: Leon Hamilton)
Planes on display
The triplane and Mike's ninja plane survived, but the Green Hornet is…
(Photo: Leon Hamilton)