This week at the station

This week at Casey: 23 August 2013

Calling Casey

Many months ago Meteorological boss Michael S. told us that an old school friend of his was making a daily morning radio show in Perth. When he then mentioned there was the opportunity to do a fortnightly interview, we all looked at him with great skepticism and wonder at who would want to talk to a rag-tag crew like us?

Of course, we jumped at the chance to talk to someone on the outside and today I had my chance. The interview went fairly well with good laughs a few great questions about Michael's poor movie choices and my new persona as the Yeti of Antarctica, and a little tongue tying for good measure. I'm sure there will be a few laughs for those listening in.


A picture montage of Leon wearing different costumes
Picture montage of Leon
(Photo: Michael Salinas)
Facebook banner of 98five
98five facebook banner

Picture gallery of the week

Our picture gallery this week is by Abrar S. 
An Airbus A319 landing on the ice
(Photo: Abrar Shabren)
Ice floe view from the deck of the ice breaker
Ice floes in the Southern Ocean
(Photo: Abrar Shabren)
The Aurora Australis in Newcombe Bay with the Casey sign in the foreground
The Aurora Australis
(Photo: Abrar Shabren)
Red Casey sign with a colourful sun set
Casey sign
(Photo: Abrar Shabren)
A number of Adelie penguins on ice floe
Adelie penguins on ice floe
(Photo: Abrar Shabren)
Adelie penguins on a large ice floe
More Adelie penguins
(Photo: Abrar Shabren)