This week at the station

This week at Casey: 24 May 2013

A trip to Jack's donga

What started out as a routine work expedition to Jacks donga last Wednesday, ended up being somewhat of an adventure instead.

There was four people who set out from the station in two Hägglunds for the journey over to Jacks - Mark the plumber, Jeremy the electrician, Doug from comms and Gavin the dieso. The journey over was uneventful taking about forty five minutes to reach Jacks. That’s when the adventure started.

The weather turned on us rather quickly after arriving making it a bit of a challenge to get unloaded and settled into the donga. Once this was done the only person able to do any work was Mark who reinstalled the gas heater which had been taken back to station by the previous visitors to be serviced. With the wind at approximately forty knots and increasing it meant that Doug wasn’t going to be able to change out the radio aerial as planned, so we settled in for the night hoping the winds would calm down overnight.

During the evening, the generator stopped working as it was blizzed-up, in other words turned into an icicle, so we had to change over generators and bring the other one inside to defrost. Thankfully the donga has a small battery backup for the radio and a light enabling us to see inside the donga between generators.

In the morning the winds showed no signs of abating so the decision was made to head back to station, so off we set in about 50 knot winds with visibility down to about ten metres as can be seen in the photos below. It was a very slow trip home but after approximately three hours, we arrived safe and sound.

We now have to wait for another good weather window opportunity to head back out there to complete the works that we originally set out to do.

Reduced visibility of a red Hägglunds
Moving slowly
(Photo: Mark Johnston)
More defined Hägglunds still in reduced visibility
I can see it!
(Photo: Mark Johnston)

Casey gets 'SWOLE'

(Swo-ul) SWOLE

Used to describe the state whereby your awesomeness exceeds the constraints of your body and you grow as big and solid as an oak!

Here at Casey, it’s time to start sorting the men from the boys. Now that Dr Megamind’s P90X has drawn to a close, I felt it was time to entice some Casey-ites into the way of the gym. Aaron 'The Gun Show' and I tirelessly searched for the most extreme weights and cardio program available. I believe we have found it in 'Swole'. It’s a five phase, twenty week program that should whip any of the winterers into shape. It leaves nothing to the imagination with a hectic six to seven day program, even calling for two workouts a day during certain periods. We decided to work in pairs and rotate on a weekly basis to help maintain momentum.

Henceforth the eight shall be known as Aaron 'The Gun Show', Matt 'The Viking', Benny 'The Blade', 'Abs' Abrar, Mick 'All Out', Tim 'The Real Deal', Michael 'The Rock' and Lee 'Ca-Lee-sthenics'.

Good luck guys and see you in twenty weeks! "Get it. Get it."

Aaron, Abrar, Tim, Lee, Mick, Michael and Matt flexing
The eight Casey 'Get Swole' participants. Ben not present
(Photo: Michael Salinas)
Lee teaching Abrar how to use a exercise machine
Lee and Abrar
(Photo: Michael Salinas)
Lee hanging on the pull-up bars
Lee on the pull-up bar
(Photo: Michael Salinas)
Lee instructing Tim on a exercise machine
Tim and Lee
(Photo: Michael Salinas)
Matty showing off with weights posing like Bolt
Matty the 'Bolt Viking'
(Photo: Michael Salinas)
Mick on the bars
(Photo: Michael Salinas)
Michael lifting weights
Michael and Lee
(Photo: Michael Salinas)
Aaron working out
(Photo: Michael Salinas)

Picture gallery of the week

This week's picture gallery features photos taken by Abrar Shabren.
Picture of blowing snow in Casey. Building have a slight white haze around them
A blowy day
(Photo: Abrar Shabren)
Casey in a sunny clear sky day
A sunny day
(Photo: Abrar Shabren)
Aurora Australis, a red ice breaker ship, anchored in Newcomb Bay
Aurora Australis in Newcomb Bay
(Photo: Abrar Shabren)
A colourful sunset behind a rocky hill
Casey sunset
(Photo: Abrar Shabren)
Dark clouds forming over Casey's red shed
Clouds over the red shed of Casey
(Photo: Abrar Shabren)
Six Adelie penguins on an ice floe with a large iceberg in the background
Penguins on an ice floe
(Photo: Abrar Shabren)
Picture of the moon across Newcombe bay with the Casey sign in the foreground
(Photo: Abrar Shabren)
Sundog Phenomena over Casey. It seems like there are three Sun's in the sky
(Photo: Abrar Shabren)
Adelie penguin diving into the water from an ice floe
Penguin taking off
(Photo: Abrar Shabren)
A Snow petrel in flight
Snow petrel
(Photo: Abrar Shabren)