This week at Casey: 3 January 2020

This week at Casey its was a white Christmas followed by resupply

It's a Casey sort of Christmas

Luckily this year Casey had no ship to contend with at Christmas.

Prior to the big day we had decorated the Red Shed, sent out the card, made and wrapped our pressies under the tree, decided on what was happening and when, and been in touch with Santa and his helpers to check an ETA (he wasn’t listed on ours).

After a sumptuous brunch with a mimosa look-alike to wash it down we headed upstairs to the tree and pressies. Santa duly arrived amidst a flurry of snowflakes and dished out the goods to everyone’s satisfaction.

A group photo (easier said than done) then down to our delicious banquet/Christmas Dinner in a wallow decorated for the occasion.

The official Casey Christmas Card for 2019
Our card to colleagues, friends and family
(Photo: Ed Gault)
An order of events for Christmas Day at Casey
Our Christmas Day happenings
(Photo: Dominic Hall)
Some bubbles with orange to go with a hearty bruch kicked off Christmas Day at Casey
A festive brunch with mimosa would-bes to start the day
(Photo: Dominic Hall)
An expeditioner dressed as an elf takes a serving of brunch
Even Elves have to eat
(Photo: Dominic Hall)
The three Casey Chefs working hard in the kitchen
Our kitchen heroes
(Photo: Dominic Hall)
A pile of Christmas presents under the tree in the Red Shed at Casey
Christmas pressies ready under the tree
(Photo: Jane Leggate)
A Hagg decorated as a reindeer arrives at the Red Shed with Santa and his helper elves on the back
Santa, Elves & Reindeer
(Photo: Jane Leggate)
Santa and elf helper delivering presents and Casey Station on Christmas Day
Santa and head elf delivering presents to the good Casey expeditioners
(Photo: Jane Leggate)
Shaun gillies receives his Christmas present from Santa
Ducky has been good - a big present for him
(Photo: Jane Leggate)
Simon Langdon receives his parcel from Santa
Santa also found Simon at Casey this year
(Photo: Jane Leggate)
A Christmassy croquembouche at Casey
A sample of our Christmas fare
(Photo: Dominic Hall)
Tanya, Nyssa, Charmaine and Hannah in their Christmas best
All in Christmassy colours
(Photo: Alex Correia)
Rod, Mark, Cam, Luke, John and Alex in Splinters II on Christmas Day at Casey
Some likely lads on Christmas Day at Casey
(Photo: Anne Hellie)
A plate full of decorated Christmas cookies
Christmas cookies too
(Photo: Dominic Hall)
Rebecca and Nick celebrate their birthdays on Christmas Day at Casey
Two birthdays to celebrate on Christmas Day too - Bec and Nick…
(Photo: Dominic Hall)
The team at Casey on Christmas Day
Casey Christmas Day photograph
(Photo: Ed Gault)

And then into resupply

With New Year’s celebrations on hold, Casey welcomed the Aurora Australis on a bright and sunny Sunday afternoon. Appearing among the hundreds of icebergs lying off the coast the ship was soon at anchor in a mirror calm Newcomb Bay ready to off-load cargo.

As I write we are well into cargo operations with all our food now packed away. Today is the second day of refuelling and we have currently received 530,000 litres of SAB (Special Antarctic Blend), half the fuel required to fill our tanks for another year. Tomorrow we hopefully receive a new crane along with more general cargo.

Happy 2020 from all of us here at Casey.

Ali Dean, Station Leader

The AA at anchor in Newcomb Bay near Casey Station
The AA at anchor in Newcomb Bay near Casey Station
(Photo: Robbie Kilpatrick)
The station IRBs take the SL and others out to meet Voyage Management on the ship
Out to meet the ship
(Photo: Robbie Kilpatrick)
A river of water pours into the bay signifying the melt is in full swing in the Casey Station Operating Area
A river of water pours into the bay signifying the melt is…
(Photo: Robbie Kilpatrick)