This week at Casey: 9 August 2019

A year of Casey

A photo says a thousands words

A year in Antarctica is an amazing experience and often best captured in pictures. Here are a few from the year showing the team, surrounds and wildlife. Enjoy!

Chris (SL)

The Casey winter team standing on Reeve's Hill with Sttion in Background
Winter Team - Casey - 72nd ANARE
(Photo: Jason Rennie)
Three Caset team membes walking towards Red Shed in a blizzard
Daily commute
(Photo: Matty Ryan)
A picture showing a ice field of crevasses
(Photo: Maddie Ovens)
A snow petrel in flight heading towards the camera with rocks and snow underneath
Snow Petrel
(Photo: Dale Smith)
One Adelie penguin on the ice flow
Adelie on ice
(Photo: Jordan Smith)
AnElephant Seal getting out of the water onto the ice
Elephant Seal on the move
(Photo: Craig Butsch)
A lone Emperor Penguin standing with his head down with ice and snow all around
A majestic Emperor Penguin
(Photo: Justin Chambers)
A drone view of the wharf, across the bay to Wilkes with icebergs in the distance
Around the bay
(Photo: Dale Smith)
Three quads pictured on the sea ice with an ice cliff on the left and rocks to the background
Sea ice travel
(Photo: Juan Guerrero)
The sunset of pinks reflected on the sea ice with rocks in the foreground
Ski and ice in pink
(Photo: Chris MacMillian)