This week at Casey: 1 November 2019

The 73rd ANARE arrives at Casey and we bid farewell to the 72nd ANARE - so long and safe travels

The 73rd ANARE are here!

We have finally arrived – the first flight of the season landed in blue skies on the smooth ice runway at Wilkins Aerodrome to start the 2019-2020 season.

As Snowbird 1 behind us was enveloped in a short-lived fog, we made our way to the waiting Terrabus to begin our slow, but nevertheless exciting, four hour journey down the ice plateau to Casey research station, nestled on the rocks of Wilkes Land looking out over the Windmill Islands.

Arriving just before midnight we could make out our destination as a rich orange sun sank below the horizon.

We’re here, now where's our beds...

The first plane of the 2019-20 season
It's a plane!
(Photo: Chris MacMillian)
The A319 on the ice at Wilkins Aerodrome with fog starting to roll in as the first expeditioners for this season
On the ground at Wilkins and fast disappearing in the fog............
(Photo: Glen Pretious)
Newly arrived expeditioners at Wilkins Aerodrome ready to get on the Terrabus for the 4 hour ride down to station
And onto to the Terrabus for the 4 hour trip down to…
(Photo: Tyson Langer)
Christine MacMillian, Wendy Harbottle and Ali Dean at Wilkins Aerodrome
Chris Wendy and Ali with Wilkins and the A319 disappearing in the…
(Photo: Tyson Langer)
A view from Casey Station looking over Newcomb Bay in glorious summer weather
A sample of the fantastic weather we have had at Casey since…
(Photo: Glen Pretious)
A view of Casey Station from Reeves Hill in brilliant sunshine
View of Casey Station from Reeves Hill
(Photo: Natasha Berhendorff)

Station handover

After a several days intense handover between outgoing and incoming expeditioners the station is formally handed over to the 73rd ANARE and the busy summer season begins...

WELL DONE to the 72nd ANARE and safe travels home to family & friends.

Fire team members using hoses from the red fire hagg to practice fire response techniques durig the handover of emergency response to the incoming 2019-2020 team
Fire response scenario as part of handover to the 2019-2020 team
(Photo: Natasha Behrendorff)
A group of expeditoners outside the red shed  with their field gear ready to go on survival training
First group out for survival training
(Photo: Tyson Langer)
Outgoing Station Leader Chris MacMillian presents her team with their wintering medallions in a moving Handover ceremony
Outgoing Station Leader Chris MacMillian presents her team with their wintering medallions…
(Photo: Dominic Hall)
Station Leader Chris MacMillian hands the key to Casey Station to incoming Station Leader Ali - the final part of this weeks Handover ceremony
SL Chris hands the key to Casey Station to SL Ali the…
(Photo: Dominic Hall)
Chris MacMillian relaxing in front of the Red Shed at Casey Station before flying home
The handover complete Chris can relax and enjoy the splendid weather before…
(Photo: Natasha Behrendorff)