The darts king of Casey

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This week at Casey: 6 June 2014

The middle of winter is coming closer and closer. With every day that passes daylight hours are just dwindling away. This natural occurrence warns Davis, Mawson, Macca and Casey to plan for a battle like no other - a battle around the dartboard.

In preparation for the annual Antarctic interstation darts tournament, this week at Casey we had our own "King of Casey Darts Competition". We played the popular Antarctic version of Shang.

With 11 entries we had a round robin first to determine seeding and then into the finals we went. The top six played off for the crown while the bottom five played for the second chance winner of the loser's honour.

All games were hard fought battles. The top seeds (Rob and Dan) were knocked out in their first games with victories going to Scott and Steve B to cement both their positions in the grand final.

It was a game which you couldn’t pick from the beginning. Both players were obviously suffering from early nerves but settled not long after.

Scotty had been struggling with form in recent weeks but Steve B had not been his usual accurate self all night. It was throw after throw for a long time but it wasn’t meant to be for Steve B. with the station carpenter Scotty becoming the eventual winner with a magnificent throw of two doubles (1 with a broken dart shaft) to take out the crown.

He now likes to be known around station these days as "King Scotty" or "Mr. Darts".

Steve Black as MC congratulating Shane Kern on wining the B grade heats in darts at Casey
Shane wins through to the finals of the B grade - plus…
(Photo: Scott Clifford)
Shane Kern congratulated by Steve McInnerney after winning a darts match at Casey
Shane beats Steve Mc (AKA Robin of the Hood) in a closely…
(Photo: Scott Clifford)
Dan Laban parading around the lounge in his winning attire at Casey
Dan took out the best dressed prize as well as confiming his…
(Photo: Scott Clifford)
Scott Clifford poses with a dart, dressed as a leprechaun with a green top hat, a wooden pipe hanging out of his mouth
Concentrate Scotty, this is serious business
(Photo: Scott Clifford)
Scott Clifford shakes hands with Steve Black following a darts match at Casey
And Scotty wins!
(Photo: Scott Clifford)
The wooden plaque/trophy made by Scott Clifford for the winner of the Casey darts tournament
The tournament plaque (made by Scotty for Scotty as it happens!)
(Photo: Scott Clifford)
Scott Clifford with the dart tournament trophy at Casey
The winning leprechaun - I mean king
(Photo: Scott Clifford)
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