The jerky factory

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This week at Casey: 30 May 2014

Everyone looks forward to having a beer on Friday afternoon but Nick and I felt like something was missing… Beef Jerky!! So we Googled a recipe, raided the kitchen and had a go at making our own.

Beef jerky being prepared, ready to be hung out
Beef jerky marinade
(Photo: Cary Collis)
An expeditioner hanging up some beef jerky for drying.
Nick hanging up some beef jerky
(Photo: Cary Collis)
An expeditioner tasting some home made jerky at the bar.
Steve B thinks it is pretty good
(Photo: Cary Collis)
Expeditioners tasting some home made beef jerky at the bar.
Dan and Steve enjoy some beef jerky
(Photo: Cary Collis)
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