The annual Casey road building challenge

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This week at Casey: 21 November 2014

Every season at the start of summer the plant operators at Casey face the challenge of opening the wharf road to traffic. The wharf road only comes into existence after being carved into the deep recess of Thala Valley after the long winter. Casey station was re-established to the south and across from the old station and wharf in the 1980s and, while the position was more favourable, the challenge remains each season to excavate the road and establish the link before the annual resupply.

This season Glenn and Johan set to it with a bulldozer and excavator to carve out the road that follows the valley floor leaving ice walls up to eight metres high in places. 


The wharf road excavation in process, with dozer and excavator removing many thousands of tonnes of snow
View looking back at Casey station from the old station
(Photo: Joe Briguglio)
An expeditioner pushes snow away in a bulldozer, to a backdrop of the blue waters of Newcombe bay.
Glenn operating the ‘dozer’ at full noise
(Photo: Joe Briguglio)
Two peices of earthmoving machinery and their operators hard a work excavating road out of the white snowdrift
Johan in his excavator office doing the deepest cut with Glenn in…
(Photo: Joe Briguglio)