Solar eclipse

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This week at Casey: 2 May 2014

We may have missed the lunar eclipse a few weeks ago due to cloud, but this week at Casey we were lucky enough to witness a partial solar eclipse, where the moon spectacularly covered a large portion of the sun.

With the aid of thick tinted welders' glass and solar filters, were were easily able to see and photograph this rare event - the only solar eclipse for 2014.

This eclipse was to be an annual event which is where the moon, being at its furthermost from Earth (in apogee), appears smaller and doesn't cover the sun completely, leaving a 'ring of fire' around its rim.

Casey, not being completely within the path of annularity (within the moon's antumbral shadow) we saw the maximum of the eclipse as a thin sickle that moved gradually around the disc of the sun for several minutes as shown in the image below.

While the day did not turn to night altogether, the reduction in light along with the thin cloud cover and multiple cloud layers on the horizon, gave the surrounding icebergs and snow-covered terrain an eerie glow in the half-light.

It is no wonder that early man saw this phenomenon as a portent sent from the gods.

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A sequence of images that show the progressive movement of the moon in front of the sun during a solar eclipse witnessed at Casey as a partial solar eclipse.
Eclipse time lapse showing the movement of the moon across the face…
(Photo: Grant Jasiunas)
Expedtioners at Casey witness the partial solar eclipse on 29 April 2014
Casey crowd witness the spectacle - with eye protection
(Photo: Pete Hargreaves)
Scenery in front of Casey showing the half light that resulted from the partial total eclipse on the 29 april 2014
Eerie half-light as the eclipse reaches it's maximum
(Photo: Pete Hargreaves)
Nick Johnston with a home-made mask containing 2 welders glasses to safely watch the eclipse.
Nick with the latest in designer masks to safely watch the eclipse
(Photo: Pete Hargreaves)
Casey expeditoner Stuart Griggs with his home-made safety mask with welders glass inset for observing the eclipse at Casey on 29 April 2014
Stu and his colourful safety mask
(Photo: Pete Hargreaves)
Rob Bennett and camera taking images of the partial eclipse at Casey 29 April 2014
Rob taking photos with solar filter in place
(Photo: Pete Hargreaves)
Alison Dean with safety mask sitting in a deck chair to observe the partial solar eclipse at Caey 29 April 2014.
Ali taking in the rays - despite it being a bracing -27C…
(Photo: Pete Hargreaves)
The eclipse at its maximum showing the moon covering the sun with a wide sickle shaped rim of light still showing
The eclipse at its maximum
(Photo: Grant Jasiunas)
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