Mothers in mind

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This week at Casey: 16 May 2014

We all have one and on the first Sunday in May we remember them maybe a little more than usual. Mother's Day at Casey was the best day weather-wise that we have had for a week or two which always makes you feel good – when the sun is up and there is no wind all is right with the world.

The phones rang hot from Casey as people arose and contacted home to speak with loved ones. It helped that is was a fantastic day at Casey – we had sun for most of the day – which is now only around five hours long.

The one mother we did have on station – our station leader – was the recipient of breakfast in bed (at the reasonable hour of 0900). She probably expects this every Sunday now, but is not that keen on an additional 18 fully grown foster children. 

Expeditioner Dan Laban with his Mothers Day message
Dan with the Mother's Day message at Casey
(Photo: Grant Jasiunas)
Station view in a winter sun at Casey
Casey basks in a mellow winter afternoon sun on Mother's Day
(Photo: Pete Hargreaves)
Breakfast tray for Mothers Day at Casey
Breakfast treat for the only mother for at least 1400 kms
(Photo: Pete Hargreaves)
A perfect sunset at Casey
Sunset caps a perfect day
(Photo: Pete Hargreaves)
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