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This week at Casey: 13 June 2014

On a week when we have recorded our coldest temperatures for the winter, it is a luxury to spend time somewhere warm and inviting - our hydroponics facility. When a blizzard is blowing it seems strange to get a sweat up monitoring the water and nutrient levels, and doing a spot of pruning.

At the moment we are trying our best to cultivate salad greens, a variety of herbs, and luscious red tomatoes ready for our midwinter celebrations on the weekend of the 21st. There is nothing better that eating a salad you have grown yourself on the darkest of darkest nights - the winter solstice. 

a seedling growing in Casey Hydroponics
It all starts right here
(Photo: Ali Dean)
A view of one  of the rooms in hydroponics with vegetables growing down both sides
And the next thing you know you've got this
(Photo: Ali Dean)
View of the lettuce trays in Casey hydroponics
Anyone for lettuce?
(Photo: Ali Dean)
A cucumber growing in hydroponics at Casey
Cucumber sandwiches anyone?
(Photo: Ali Dean)
A green capsicum growing in Hydroponics at Casey 2014
Green and shiny
(Photo: Ali Dean)
Mint plant in Casey hydroponics
Mint ready for harvesting
(Photo: Ali Dean)
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