Brewery Renovations

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This week at Casey: 25 April 2014

Beer. It's hard to pinpoint where it first began, but it was probably a few thousand years BC when some of the first folk made use of yeasts, sugar (carbs) and water to make a rough and ready alcoholic 'divine drink'. Progress was slow for thousands of years as the lumpy 'divine drink' became less cloudy and the gradual addition of herbs slowly improved the taste. Praise to the monks in the middle ages however, who took it to a whole new level with the use of herbs 'n' hops, refining the brewing process to produce the finest beers. Truly the amber ale had become the nectar of the gods. Today, the search for that right yeast to go with the right mix of malts and sugars and hops, lovingly brewed at the right temperature, is a hobby that yields much satisfaction.

As the Casey Brew Club, it is with great honour that we continue the search for the perfect ale. We don't only do it for fun – our efforts are for the greater good, supporting the logistics, science and cargo programs. When the station numbers swell in summer and folk want to enjoy a responsible brew or two at the end of the day, we will be there for them. By continuing to brew beer, we save all that precious cargo space on the Aurora Australis not required for cartons. More room for science we chant!

In this endeavour we need resources and state of the art facilities. As such, the brew room temporarily closed its doors to undertake some renovations. Not that we didn't knock out some good brews before, but it was time for a little change, to increase our capacity for 'boutique' brews, improve storage and functionality, install a shiny old but new fridge and well, to just make the place look pretty.

So it was that Scotty and Hargreaves led the way by putting in the hard (trade) yards. With great pleasure and much pomp, Ali cut the ribbon to reopen the brewery for business last Thursday. A big thanks goes out to everyone who lent a hand with the renovations and indeed, anyone who ever laid down a brew, tapped a keg, washed, filled, emptied or capped (with style) a bottle.

Steve B, Chairman of the 2014 Casey Brew Club

The pre-renovated home brew room in Casey station, Antarctica
The brew area before...
(Photo: Steve Black)
The post-renovation home brew room in Casey station, Antarctica
...and the brew area after
(Photo: Steve Black)
The pre-renovation home brew room in Casey station, Antarctica
The bench area before...
(Photo: Steve Black)
The post-renovation home brew room in Casey station, Antarctica
...and the bench area after
(Photo: Steve Black)
An expeditioner works on renovating the home brew room at Casey station, Antarctica
1.5 dogs (Scotty) hard at work during the renovations
(Photo: Steve Black)
Station leader Ali cutting the ribbon at the brew room opening
Ali cutting the ribbon on opening night
(Photo: Peter Hargreaves)
Expeditioners in the Casey home brew room
No peeking!
(Photo: Peter Hargreaves)
An expeditioner tasting a home brew beer at Casey station, Antarctica
Stu celebrates with a taste of the local brew
(Photo: Peter Hargreaves)
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