Browning's Jolly

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This week at Casey: 25 April 2014

Ali, Stu and I (Pete), decided to head out to Browning to see if we could get a last glimpse of the elephant seals before they head north for the winter, and to have the first two night jolly of our winter, little did we suspect?!

After a long trip out with poor definition we arrived and made ourselves at home. The following day we headed out with stunning weather and a spring in our step. We headed to the elephant seal area, but much to our disappointment we weren't able to safely access this spot as the snow had all blown away and only a steep, slippery ice slope was present. Even from here though we couldn't spy any elephant seals lying around nor hear them so there was every chance the last of them were long gone anyway. Not to be perturbed we had a bit more of a look around, taking some photos of the stunning scenery before heading back to the hut and settling in for the evening.

On waking the next day, day three, it became apparent that our trip may actually turn into a three night, four day trip! The weather had taken a turn for the worse and we had blowing snow, 40 knot plus winds and at times we couldn't see our vehicle parked only 20 metres away. Our localised blizz never abated all day and we spent our time mostly reading which was a nice rest. Such is the nature of Antarctica that on station it was clear, fine and hardly a breath of wind, whilst we were stuck in a storm. This is precisely the reason why we take so much gear with us into the field, more than enough to survive two weeks on any trip, plus the huts are stocked with emergency gear and food.

After three nights out we headed home to Casey, enjoying the completely altered scenery on the way back with all the newly sculptured snow, this place really can change overnight.


Ali, Stu and Pete near Brownings Hut
Ali, Stu and Pete
(Photo: Peter Hargreaves)
Blowing snow catching the light
Blowing snow catching the light
(Photo: Peter Hargreaves)
Edge of the glacier near Browning's peninsula, Antarctica
Edge of the glacier
(Photo: Peter Hargreaves)
Low blowing snow near Browning's peninsula, Antarctica
Low blowing snow
(Photo: Peter Hargreaves)
A self taken picture of an expeditioner in Antarctica
Pete's selfie
(Photo: Peter Hargreaves)
Snow sculpted by the wind in Antarctica
Snow sculpted by the wind
(Photo: Peter Hargreaves)
An expeditioner driving an Hagglunds in Antarctica
Stu driving home
(Photo: Peter Hargreaves)
View over Browning's on a calm day in Antarctica
The view on a nice calm day
(Photo: Peter Hargreaves)
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