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This week at Casey: 9 August 2013

The Antarctic 48 Hour Film Festival is a big highlight of spending a winter in Antarctica and this past week some of the staff down at Casey have been working over time to get their entry written, filmed, edited and submitted in time to compete.

For those who have never heard of the 48 Hour Film Festival here is a quick rundown on how it works.

It is an international film festival where any station in Antarctica can compete. The stations only have 48 hours over a weekend (August 3-4) to make their films which need to be around five minutes long. To make sure no one starts filming early there are five elements that must be included into the film. The elements are chosen by last year's winners; Kerguelen Island (they are French) and are sent by email to each station on the morning of Aug 3.

The elements were:

  • A sneeze
  • A ping pong ball
  • Bathtub
  • "Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir"
  • The gingerbread man.

Once all the films are uploaded to a shared file, each station gets to send in their votes for the following categories:

  • Best film
  • Best acting
  • Cinematography
  • Screenplay
  • Use of elements

Co-written and directed by Ben and Chad, filmed and edited by Michael, starring; Scotty, Leon, Gav, Matty, Tim, Jeremy, Mark J, Abrar, Allen, Jukka, someone in green down jacket who keeps appearing in the background, Wilfred, a Blue Penguin and two Black Penguins… that was Casey's entry into the 2013 Antarctic 48 Hour Film festival!

Tune into Icy News next week for the results.

Abrar wearing an umbrella hat in a bathtub full of bubbles
Abrar with a performance worthy of an academy award
(Photo: Michael Salinas)
Antarctic 48 Hour Film Festival poster of a person with a help of an old projector
Antarctic 48 Hour Film Festival
Allan sitting in front of the camera as an Antarctic wildlife adviser
Allan acting
(Photo: Michael Salinas)
Scotty wearing full yellow and black down jacket
Scotty as Burr Grylls
(Photo: Michael Salinas)
Gavin in a Wilfred the dog suit
Gavin as Wilfred the Dog
(Photo: Michael Salinas)
Leon in a bath robe
Leon the expert
(Photo: Michael Salinas)
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