Casey Darts

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This week at Casey: 5 July 2013

Darts, or rather game of Shanghai, is frequently played and enjoyed by most expeditioners on Casey station. With that and the skills shown, I came up with the idea to organise a singles Shanghai darts competition for midwinter.

Some exquisite forces emerged from the dark and initially others who were a bit worried about their skills participated are now regular players. Players like Station Leader Allan and IT guru Jukka are displaying extraordinary throwing skills. Aaron, our stores manager, has become a threat to all the players. Abrar, who has been one of the best players on station, is now suffering very badly losing all his matches and was thumped by Doug who has been seen secretly practicing in the early hours of morning.

Matt the Viking has introduced a new game called Bull 21, which attracted some regular payers.

Scotty our chef is one of the greatest players and the guru who taught me how to throw good darts. Young Benjamin uses a unique see-saw one foot balancing technique and is one of the top contenders to win, but lately he was smashed by rival Timmy who also balances on one leg to throw. Wilfred aka Gavin, had gone down to ground after our loss in the interstation competition but has exhibited great skills in the station championship.

Dr Chad had suffered from what looks like darts-syndrome. He is now recovering on a new prescription. Occasionally we see Johnno flying his Hawthorn darts and he's currently in the semis, playing Mick W. Andy Ballinger, our quiet achiever and currently preparing both mentally and physically to overcome Benjamin in the semi. So far both Benjamin and Mick W have won their first semi-final games.

As they say here on station to heighten the enthusiasm, "absolutely choked on your last dart". All the best and in the spirit of sportsmanship may the best man win.

Abrar S

Allan throwing darts while lee watches
Lee and Allan
(Photo: Abrar Shabren)
Tim taking his darts off the board
(Photo: Abrar Shabren)
Chad throwing darts while Mark scores points on the board
Chad and Mark
(Photo: Abrar Shabren)
Matty throwing darts while Mark writes scores on the board
Matt and Mark
(Photo: Abrar Shabren)
Aaron throwing darts while Abrar watches
Aaron and Abrar
(Photo: Abrar Shabren)
Ben throwing and darts while Abrar scores
Ben and Abrar
(Photo: Abrar Shabren)
Leon throwing darts while Chad scores
Leon and Chad
(Photo: Abrar Shabren)
Mick showing off this dart on the board
(Photo: Abrar Shabren)
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