Harbour-side chalet

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This week at Casey: 5 April 2013

One of the projects that a couple of the tradies had been working on over the past few weeks came to fruition over the Easter break with the new harbour-side chalet being installed complete with covered verandah and BBQ on the deck.

The project started with the refurbishment of an old “donga” building that was previously used as a summer accommodation block prior to the west wing being added to Casey. This donga was earmarked for RTA (return to Australia) as it was no longer being used.

The interior was refurbished by head Dieso Gavin during his spare time including the installation of a kitchen in one half of the building that had been removed from the new hobby hut and modified to suit its new location. The building then was electrically brought up to standard before being moved down to the wharf.

Once down at the wharf, first the verandah was added and then it was fitted with a BBQ on the decking. The BBQ was previously the gas grill plate that had been removed from the kitchen. Once this was installed, the chalet was ready to be put to the test with all the tradies that were involved along the way enjoying a Sunday afternoon barbie overlooking the wharf.

The tradies are currently working on another of these old donga buildings that will be used as an addition to this donga. It will be installed alongside the current donga once complete and provide short stay accommodation for up to six expeditioners at a time when they want to get away for a night or two and still be within extended station limits.

A small tight room with a bunk bed
Sleeping area inside the chalet
(Photo: Mark Johnston)
A small Kitchen
Kitchen area inside the chalet
(Photo: Mark Johnston)
Outside picture of a red donga the size of a shipping container
Donga in place ready for the finishing touches
(Photo: Mark Johnston)
Outdoor picture of the verandah and BBQ on the deck
Ready to be given a test run
(Photo: Mark Johnston)
Picture of a few expeditioners in the verandah and BBQ area in a snowy day
Out on the deck during a snow shower
(Photo: Mark Johnston)
Expeditioner having a BBQ in the new verandah
Giving the barbie a trial run
(Photo: Mark Johnston)
View of Newcomb bay half covered by sea ice in a cold snowy day
The view from the deck looking out into Newcomb Bay
(Photo: Mark Johnston)
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