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This week at Casey: 31 May 2013

This year's Eurovision Song Contest was held in Malm, Sweden and was watched all over Europe, Australia and Antarctica. Well at least at Casey. 

On Saturday night, after a delicious traditional Swedish feast prepared by our culinary genius Scotty (the station chef), arrangements were finalised for the second semi-final viewing. Of course, never is an opportunity missed to dress up on station. The great thing about Eurovision is that you can wear anything you like and it won't look out of place on the stage.

Matty went for the classic Swedish Viking look, the horns make him just that little bit taller than normal and he had to stoop each time he when through the doorway. This was very reminiscent of Igor in the Ukraine's song. Lee and Scotty made it a family affair, though we weren't sure if it was a mother and son or daughter act. Young Ben was obviously supporting Latvia with his mid-summer festival attire.  

Even though the UK has sent some great performers over the years, I don't think it included the Beatles. However that didn't stop Mick showing his support. Abrar went for the classic rocker look. Of course outrageous hair is always a winner at any Eurovision party, as demonstrated by Leon, Timmy and Mark.

To make the night more interesting everyone was given a random country to support, which was concealed from the others. The objective of the game was to try and guess each other's countries.

To add further spice to the night, as each country performed their song a close eye was kept out for specific features during the performance. When these occurred everyone had to respond. If someone strips off part of their costume, everyone had to strip off one item of clothing. Luckily this only occurred once! If an act draws upon fireworks, everyone had to stop, drop and roll. This is guaranteed to happen multiple times in Eurovision and it did. There was more than one costume malfunction as people rolled around on the floor. If an act required more than four back-up dancers, everyone had to leap immediately from their seat and dance to another spot in the room. Again this happen multiple times and everyone was able to try out their best dance moves. 

Overall the night was a big success and in 2014 when Eurovision goes to Denmark there may just be a few more former Casey winterers watching back in Australia.

Abrar in a black leather Elvis suit in a classic Guitar hero pose
Classic rocker aka Abrar
(Photo: Jukka Pirhonen)
Mark with a rainbow coloured punk rock hair do
Mark and his hair
(Photo: Jukka Pirhonen)
Matty in a Viking outfit with Lee and Scotty sitting in the same row
Matty the Viking
(Photo: Jukka Pirhonen)
Mike with a blond Rod Stewart hair
Mike and his Rod Stewart hair
(Photo: Jukka Pirhonen)
Leon wearing a long straight green wig and Timmy wearing a black curly hair wig
More outrageous hair from Leon and Timmy
(Photo: Jukka Pirhonen)
Mike in a blue military drum service dress uniform
Sgt. Pepper tribute Mick
(Photo: Jukka Pirhonen)
Ben dressed in a brown cape and a floral arrangement on his head
Ben, Spirit of Latvia
(Photo: Jukka Pirhonen)
Scotty and Lee wearing long wigs with Matty with Viking helmet
Scotty and Lee
(Photo: Michael Salinas)
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