Flora and fauna

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This week at Casey: 22 November 2013
How do you celebrate the end of winter, the return of local biodiversity and the incoming of a new breed of summer expeditioners at Casey? I’m not really sure how you’re supposed to answer that question, but we decided to hold a ‘flora and fauna’ themed party on Saturday evening. The event was a success and attracted a range of animals and flowers that would impress any bio-boffin. The showstopper for the evening was without doubt Mick (pink pig) but other mentionable efforts included a kiwi disguised as a sheep, a pink unicorn, an owl, inspired safari poacher, animal butcher, shrinking violet, a brown bear and a fairy with a passion for doing the splits.

Amanda and Scott prepared a suitably amazing dinner to begin the festivities and ‘round up the herd’ which was followed by a series of games and many great conversations. Key highlights from the evening included a successful round of ‘Killer’ on the dartboard, whereby everyone was able to eventually obtain ‘Killer Status’, although Gav (our new Davis ‘blow-in’) scored the ultimate ‘Killer’ status and Danielle put the fear of God into anyone within a ten-meter radius of the dartboard. Many at the expense of our Field Training bro Mick who won an epic game of Jenga, and last but not least Mikey (our resident Canadian Basler engineer) slaughtered Ben M on the pool table (although this was found to be no surprise to anyone).

Danielle dressed as a black cat and Belinda dressed as a sheep
Danielle the cat and sheepish Belinda
(Photo: Michael Salinas)
Lena dress in pink and violet dress and hat
Lena the shrinking violet
(Photo: Michael Salinas)
Mick wearing a pig mask with sunglasses
Mick the pink pig
(Photo: Michael Salinas)
Amanda in the kitchen preparing dinner
Amanda cooking up a spread
(Photo: Michael Salinas)
Joe wearing woolly vest
Joe the wolf in sheep's clothing
(Photo: Michael Salinas)
Gerry wearing a blue head cap and a white dressing gowned
Gerry the butcher
(Photo: Michael Salinas)
Nick in a brown bear suit and Ben in a penguin suit, both sitting at the dinner table
Nick the brown bear and Ben the blue penguin
(Photo: Michael Salinas)
Paul wearing a rooster hat
Paul the rooster
(Photo: Michael Salinas)
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