The Warren

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This week at Casey: 20 September 2013

With the end of our winter season approaching, the need for me to move all my stuff out of my three rooms and my hallway has become dire. The favoured method used to implement this cull of wasted space is to simply find the nearest trashcan and fill it. However, after about 80 minutes of procrastination (two episodes of Breaking Bad), I managed to find myself staring down the shallow barrels of no less than three different trashcans, which like some sort of trio of wild poisonous animals each exhibit different colours as a warning to approaching predators. As most staff should know by now, these colours are no aposematic display*, they are in fact the first step in a simple labeling system designed to insure you feed these trash cans in accordance to their very specific dietary needs.

So to burn a few more hours before having to remediate my winter living space, I decided to visit one of our resident plumbers for a tour of the station incinerator to better understand why we need to abide by our waste management plan.


* being conspicuous and serving to warn, e.g. aposematic coloration in butterflies (Yes, I had to look it up. Ed.)

The incinerator empty
The 'Warren' empty
(Photo: Ben McKay)
First layer of burnables
First you make a nice burnable platform to work off
(Photo: Ben McKay)
Cardboard the second layer
Then you learn why you are supposed to fold cardboard boxes properly
(Photo: Ben McKay)
Third layer of wet and dry burnables
Then you learn the difference between 'wet' and 'dry' burnables
(Photo: Ben McKay)
Another layer of cardboard
Another cardboard platform
(Photo: Ben McKay)
Wet burnables go at the top to allow them to dry out a bit before they are engulfed in flame
Wet burnables go at the top to allow them to dry out…
(Photo: Ben McKay)
Filling up the space in the incinerator
Then you use the stuffing method to fill that last bit of…
(Photo: Ben McKay)
Incinerator door closed and locked
Lock it up
(Photo: Ben McKay)
A sign on the incinerator saying No Refunds
Management says No Refunds
(Photo: Ben McKay)
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