A trip to Jack's

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This week at Casey: 11 October 2013

My time is winding down here at Casey Station, so I decided there was one thing I needed to do before jumping on a plane back to the mainland. I had to spend a night at Jack’s donga. Jack’s was the final frontier – the only hut I hadn’t spent at least one night in all season – so I decided to round up two of my favourite people on station for a fantastic night out. Ben M came too.

We stopped at the skiway so Leon could fix some highly technical meteorology equipment that he was sure I wouldn’t understand. He was probably right. This equipment’s functionality is vital for the upcoming flights. He was able to get said equipment working in a matter of hours, so we soldiered on to Jack’s.

We arrived to find the hut in perfect working order. The team had the generator running, gas flowing and the cards out within minutes. Ben M was there too. Within an hour the place was warm, the sun was setting and tea was cooking. Ben, Leon and myself told stories about everything from Texas summers to Alaskan winters, books, movies and beyond. As the night went dark we drifted off to sleep with the not-so-soft sound of Leon’s window-rattling snore.

PS We got to stop at the skiway on the way home too! This was so that Leon could fix the exact same piece of highly technical meteorology equipment. Fingers crossed he might get a whole day out of it this time.

Chad S.

Chad, Leon, Ben and Michael standing in front of an orange Hagg
Off we go
(Photo: Michael Salinas)
Cloudy sunset with snow and rocky terrain in the foreground with sea ice and icebergs in the background
Jack's sunset
(Photo: Michael Salinas)
Chad and Leon on front terrace of Jack's taking pictures while Ben walks closer
Taking quick shots before the sun goes down
(Photo: Michael Salinas)
A panorama shot of Jack's cloudy sunset
Panorama sunset at Jack's
(Photo: Michael Salinas)
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