Seal sightings

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This week at Casey: 28 October 2011

As the warmer weather returns to Antarctica, so does the wildlife. Not long ago, a few of the crew ventured over to Wilkes where a group of Weddell seals had been spotted on the sea ice. We were hoping that the seals had given birth to pups so we were all quite keen.

We counted ten seals in all but unfortunately none had pups at this stage. We did manage to get a few photos though. Hopefully it won’t be too long before we can report the birth of seal pups in the area around Casey.

In other news...

Casey's webcam has been upgraded! The new image should be clearer and the colours more true to life than in the past.

weddell seal on ice
A seal checking us out
(Photo: Brian Guillaumier)
weddell seals lying together on sea ice
Slumber party
(Photo: Brian Guillaumier)
seal in sea ice hole
Will I get out or not?
(Photo: Brian Guillaumier)
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