Browning Peninsula

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This week at Casey: 13 May 2011

Friday afternoon saw another trip go out to Browning Peninsula, but this time there was some work involved! Saturday saw some light snow and a little bit of wind, but not enough to put off the work – installing a new solar panel for the VHF repeater.

Job done and we went off in search of some elephant seals. We smelled and heard them before we saw them – lots of belching and some pungent aromas!

That night we had a clear sky and had a great view of an aurora. It's a great spot to take in the dancing lights. Eventually we went off to bed and headed home the next morning.

Installing the solar panel
Trev, Doug and Charlie working on the solar panel
(Photo: Ian Boardman)
Seal climbing out of the sea
A seal climbing out of the sea
(Photo: Ian Boardman)
Seal with mouth open
Breath that could knock you out at 100 paces.....
(Photo: Ian Boardman)
Seals in a row sleeping
Taking a Congo line Nana nap...
(Photo: Ian Boardman)
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