Comms Cable Roll Out

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This week at Casey: 11 February 2011

Work happening this week included the communications cable roll-out. Essentially, old copper cables are being replaced by fibre optic cables to allow for upgrades to the communications console. The cables ran from the Operations Building to the Receiver Hut.

Being clever people, Comms incorporated a general clean up after the nearly 50 knot breeze of a few days earlier blew small debris across the cable path.

Well done Comms and minions of Comms.

Cable Roll Out Crew getting ready
Getting Ready
(Photo: Tom Luttrell)
Cleaning up the cable roll out site
First the Clean Up
(Photo: Tom Luttrell)
Ed rolling out the cable
Then the Roll Out - Good work Ed!
(Photo: Tom Luttrell)
Rolling out the cable
Ed's Helpers
(Photo: Tom Luttrell)
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