This week at Casey: 24 April 2008

This week at Casey we have experienced snow, blowing snow, gale force winds and blizzards.

Work still goes on and Brownie has manufactured and installed some internal flag poles in the wallow for use on days such as ANZAC day when the weather is not suitable for us to go outside. Ladders have been installed in the new bedrooms; the plumbers are repairing the rotating discs in the sewage treatment plant and the electricians have repaired the red shed sewerage pump and are wiring the joinery in science.

The communications technicians have upgraded the ethernet cabling in science and the mechanics are still servicing the large fleet of vehicles and clearing the roads of snow. On Wednesday Sam drove the D7 dozer up the hill to the skiway to smooth out the blizz tails which have developed from where the summer vans were located.

Despite the inclement weather a beautiful sunrise was photographed by Todor on Sunday.

Sunrise at Casey Station
A Casey April Sunrise
Photo: Todor

Friday drinks were hosted by the plumbers in the tank house, which contains our water tanks with various pumps and also houses a spa and sauna.

Expeditioners enjoying a cold drink in the Casey Station spa
From left-Tom, Bob, Craig, Heleen, Todor and Wayne enjoying a cold drink in the spa
Photo: Todor
Expeditioners playing on the snow.
Craig in front with Todor, Wayne, Tom and Bob playing on the snow.
Photo: Todor

With reasonably fine weather predicted for Thursday we are planning to continue the work on the skiway and complete our final preparations for ANZAC day.

In next week's news we will write a complete report on our ANZAC day service and activities (and let you know whether Brownie's internal flag poles were used this year).

Until then best wishes from all at Casey.