4 April 2008

Group Image of Casey Station Expeditioners for Earth Hour 2008
Earth Hour 2008
Photo: Todor

Hello from Casey,

Another week rolls by at Casey boasting sunshine and little or no winds, temperatures have been getting lower with -15 to -18 at night and up to -10 to -7 throughout the day.

The weekend came around quickly with Friday drinks held in the E.V.S. prepared by the fire chief and his two deputies, Joel, Simon and Dan.

Expeditioners at Casey Station Friday night drinks
Bob and Brownie enjoying Friday night drinks
Photo: Wayne F

Coinciding with Friday drinks is the brewing of beer, which takes place in the brew room by our expert brew team. The clean crisp taste of Brown's draught is a winner.

Expeditioners putting together home brew beer at Casey Station
Brownie and Wayne making Brown's draught
Photo: Wayne F
Expeditioner preparing bottles for Casey Station home brew
Wayne preparing bottles
Photo: Wayne F

Saturday brought Earth Hour, with all of Casey folk participating. The evening unfolded with Champagne cocktails with Brad's watermelon sorbet at Splinters.

Expeditioners celebrating Earth Hour 2008 at Casey Station
Photo: Wayne F

Proceeding to the Odeon we watched a short presentation of Earth Hour footage prepared by Dominic featuring our philosophical leader Bob explaining how Casey was taking part in Earth Hour and how we conserve our energy and resources on Antarctic stations.

Off went the lights as we sat down to a candle lit dinner and a glass or two of red, the evening was enjoyed by all.

Earth Hour 2008 dinner at Casey Station
Earth Hour dinner at Casey
Photo: Todor

Sunday was a day of leisure and rest with most on station relaxing, we found Heleen and Dan (Torvill and Dean) skating the afternoon away on the frozen melt stream at the rear of the Red Shed.

Expeditioners skating on ice melt near living quarters
Torvill and Dean
Photo: Wayne F

Trades have been busy working away with the Dieso's servicing machinery, and loading Priscilla to her estimated carrying capacity for the ferrying of passengers to Wilkins aerodrome, and test driving to Wilkins.

Expeditioner servicing crane
Brad under the crane
Photo: Wayne F
Wilkins Runway Bus loaded for trial run
Pricilla loaded up
Photo: Brad C

Brownie has nearly completed the extension of the gym, with some finishing touches to go.

Extension to the Casey Station Gym
'The plans were the right way round when I drew them!'
Photo: Wayne F

Craig and Wayne; completing site services pipe work,

Expeditioner with fusion welding equipment
Craig carrying out electro fusion welding
Photo: Wayne F
Expeditioner shrink wrapping joins in pipe
Wayne shrink wrapping joins in pipe
Photo: Craig H

Monthly checks, maintaining water production and water quality in the tank house.

Expeditioner checking water filtration in Casey Station tank house
Wayne checking water filtration in the tank house
Photo: Wayne F

April Fools day caught us with talk of Mawson sinking a Hagg, and then we realised what day it was, when we came in for morning tea and no cutlery was to be seen in mess … it had disappeared!

For this week, VNJ Casey out.