19 October 2007

This weekly news is brought to you by the Casey Plumbers, Dave and Paul.

The count down is on for the arrival of the ship. While this means busy work schedules for most of us, it also means that everyone is out and about getting in as many jollies as possible.

Expeditioner climbing Communications mast
Ian, Comms Tech-Work or Jolly??
Photo: Bill M.

Anyone who knows the Casey area would know that we have an Adélie penguin rookery a short distance from station on Shirley Island. Frank took a walk to Shirley over the sea ice and spotted a lone Adélie waiting for his mates to turn up.

Lone Adelie penguin on rocks at Shirley Island near Casey Station
Lone Soldier
Photo: Frank H.

While half the station were out in huts, the remaining members of the crew had an art exhibition. Some of the boys have spent many an hour in the chippies' workshop fine tuning their projects for the year. Amongst them was Brian creating a wooden Antarctic Zoo.

Art works created by Expeditioners at Casey Station
Art Show
Photo: Cad C.
Wooden lounge chair made by Expeditioner at Casey Station
Juz's Chair
Photo: Cad C.

Paul and Matt got out again, this time down to Peterson Melon via Robbo's hut. Once again lucky with the weather, they decided to try some ice climbing.

Expeditioners Ice Climbing at Peterson Melon near Casey Station
Ice Climbing
Photo: Dave G.

Some of us decided to head over to the luxurious Wilkes Hilton for our last time. A nice relaxing weekend was had, though unfortunately no blizz came to strand us there for another day or two.

So with less than two weeks left the Aurora Australis will be sailing in to pick most of us up and drop off the new crew. Denis has realised this and is now cracking his whip (or blowing his whistle!), ordering the cleaning of carpets, bathrooms, etc, as well as the main food stock take of the year.

So, instead of finishing with a picture of us cleaning the Red Shed, we'll finish with another photo of a Weddell pup.

See you all soon,

Casey Plumbers

Very large Weddell seal mother with pup
Is Your Mum this Fat??
Photo: Matt M.