12 October 2007

The news from Casey this week is brought to you by Sparkie Brad.

The wildlife is back at Casey! While most of the station was sitting around watching Rugby and Bathurst for the weekend, a few intrepid expeditioners took advantage of the great weather we had.

Jeremy, Dave and Brad headed south to Penney Bay to see the seals and stay overnight at Petersen Melon. Four seal pups were seen at Little Herring Island along with plenty more expectant mothers lying around in the sun. The weekend just kept getting better though when an emperor penguin was found on the ice in Penney Bay, a leopard Seal and two elephant seals on the ice at Petersen Channel, five more leopard seals on the sea ice within walking distance of Petersen hut, and then the next day another two emperor penguins and a very lonely looking Adélie were spotted.

Weddell seal pup sleeping on snow
Weddell Pup at Little Herring
Photo: Brad D.
Newborn Weddell seal pup with mother
Weddell Pup
Photo: Brad D.
Leopard Seal
'Are you my lunch?' Leopard Seal at Petersen Island
Photo: Brad D.
Expeditioner with Emperor penguin in foreground
Dave and an Emperor
Photo: Brad D.
Leopard Seal showing teeth
'What big teeth you have Grandma!' Leopard Seal at Petersen Island
Photo: Brad D.

Denis and Paul also headed out for a look at the wildlife at Herring Island, and Matt and Paul headed out and did a bit of ice climbing at Robbo's on Sunday.

With the arrival of the ship fast approaching, everyone's keeping busy trying to get all their last minute work done and prepare for the summer. A crew of seven headed up the hill to the runway for an intended couple of days stay to set up the camp, but with an unusually good weather day, managed to set up in a day and almost made it back in time for dinner.

Expeditioner laying new carpet
Laying new carpet in the Red Shed
Photo: Chris W.
Wilkins Camp set up
Wilkins Camp set up
Photo: Ty B.

The Casey 'Sheltered Workshop' is also busy at nights with many hobby projects being completed at the last minute and in preparation for the Friday drinks Art and Craft Extravaganza this week.

That's it from Casey for another week, and in closing …

Two Emperor penguins
AFPP! (Another Penguin Photo)
Photo: Brad D.