Climate & weather

Red Shed with sunset clouds in background
Casey Red Shed. (Photo J. Scott)
Hagglunds in a blizzardFront railings and heavy blowing snowExpeditioners walking across sea ice on calm day

During the height of summer at Casey, day time temperatures occasionally rise above freezing, while from April to October they fall into the minus twenties and thirties. Temperature extremes recorded at Casey are -41°C in July and +9°C in January.

The yearly average wind speed at Casey is around 20 km/h. In comparison, Hobart’s yearly average is around 12 km/h. However, blizzards produced by low pressure systems strike with little warning and wind gusts well over 250 km/h have been recorded.

The hours of daylight experienced at Casey vary markedly throughout the year. In January the sun stays above the horizon almost continuously, while in June the sun appears for less than an hour each day.

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