Computers and networks

There are numerous computers at each station. Some are official computers owned by various organisations and others are personal computers owned by individuals. Among the purposes for which they are used are: 

  • Running scientific experiments
  • Administrative use, eg documents or email
  • Network administration, eg domain controllers or file servers
  • Building management/monitoring
  • File transfer
  • Personal use, eg email, games and web browsing.

Expeditioners are welcome to take their own computers to Antarctica but each computer must have antivirus software installed. Two public computers are available in a small internet café for use by expeditioners who are not able to take their own computers to Antarctica.

The Telecommunications section at each station is responsible for the day to day operation of the domain controllers, file servers and operational computers in the COMCEN. Much of the major configuration is performed remotely by Head Office Telecommunications Section personnel.

Major station buildings are linked by fibre optic cables and structured Cat 5 and Cat 5-E UTP cabling is used within each building for telephone and data transmission. Access to the Internet is provided by ANARESAT.