Slushy duties

Expeditioners in aprons showing off a tray of biscuits
Slushies showing off their baking skills (Photo: M Nation)

Sample slushy roster

Working hours are 7.30am until the jobs are done (Sunday start time 9.00)

  • Washing up pots, pans & dishes
  • Setting tables before meals, cleaning them after meals
  • Clearing up bain marie, desserts & salads after meals
  • Tidy up snacks area before meals, top up fruit juice & milk, put out butter & margarine, tidy bread cupboard, tidy up biscuits etc
  • Make up milk (2 buckets during summer)
  • Vegetable preparation required by chef ie peel potatoes, carrots & onions etc
  • Wash table cloths & tea towels
  • Clean & wipe under benches, time permitting
  • Weekly cleaning routine job to be done (check roster)
  • Living quarters: check & general tidy up
  • Sweep & mop floor at end of night (sweep out under all areas)
  • Stack all pots, pans & trays in an orderly fashion please

General cleaning duties

  • Monday - clean & tidy cool room & pantry, mop floor etc
  • Tuesday - clean ovens inside & out, janitor store cleaned
  • Wednesday - clean stove & under sink area & work benches
  • Thursday - clean & tidy shelves by cool room, snack area, clean fridge in snacks area & shelves snacks area
  • Friday - clean bain marie, empty out water, wash down and clean doors etc, clean right under stoves sweep out etc.
  • Saturday - clean exhaust canopy, wash down inside and out side, soak filters and clean.
  • Sunday - clean proving oven, salamander, sort & stack pots, trays, glass ware & bowls, scrub out rubbish bins

Monthly cleaning duties

  • 1st - kitchen refrigerator emptied and cleaned
  • 2nd - main oven cleaned out
  • 3rd - canopy cleaned inside and out
  • 4th - deep-fryer strained and re-filled
  • 5th - breezeway refrigerator emptied and cleaned
  • 6th - stove tops and catch trays cleaned and re-foiled
  • 7th - all stainless steel polished bench legs, doors etc
  • 8th - all kitchen floor area scrubbed
  • 9th - cold porch off mess unpacked and tidied up
  • 10th - main oven cleaned out
  • 11th - breezeway shelves tidied and wiped
  • 12th - deep-fryer strained and re-filled
  • 13th - stove tops and catch trays cleaned and re-foiled
  • 14th - grill plate polished with the stone
  • 15th - bain marie emptied and cleaned
  • 16th - small pantry off kitchen tidy and wipe
  • 17th - both mixers washed down
  • 18th - breezeway freezer emptied and cleaned
  • 19th - stove tops and catch trays cleaned and re-foiled
  • 20th - deep-fryer strained and re-filled
  • 21st - main oven cleaned
  • 22nd - canopy cleaned inside and out
  • 23rd - back of oven /grill plate/micro shelf cleaned
  • 24th - dishwasher emptied and scoured inside
  • 25th - all stainless steel polished, bench legs, doors etc.
  • 26th - stove tops and catch trays cleaned and re-foiled
  • 27th - deep-fryer strained and re-filled
  • 28th - main oven cleaned out
  • 29th - meat slicer pulled apart and washed
  • 30th - back sink and vegetable storage area cleaned
  • 31st - see chef when applicable