Davis lab facilities

The science laboratories at Davis include a dedicated upper atmosphere physics laboratory and general science facilities. Footwear such as shoes, 'joggers' etc. must be worn in the general science building. Boots or socks only will not be allowed. It is therefore advisable to take spare footwear that can be used in the laboratories.

The general science building houses the following facilities:

  • general laboratories
  • microscope room
  • preparation room
  • radiation laboratory
  • 'smelly' laboratory, for penguin, seal work etc.
  • geology laboratory
  • dark room
  • limited office space

The laboratories are connected to station services, have hot and cold running water, facilities to pipe gases into most rooms and a central vacuum system. They also contain a water distillation unit, Milli RO/Q water purification unit, automatic lab washer and fume cupboards