Diving operations

A diver having his equipment checked before entering the water
A diver having his equipment checked before entering the water (Photo: Jeremy Smith)

The Australian Antarctic Division runs a summer diving program to support near-shore marine science.

The Antarctic Division Diving Committee (ADDC) oversees all diving operations undertaken by the Australian Antarctic program. The ADDC decides on diving practices and determines whether prospective divers are suitably experienced.

We recommend that if you are planning a dive program, you ensure that all aspects of the proposed program meet with ADDC requirements before you finalise your ARA research grant application.

Principal investigators of projects requiring diving facilities should contact us two years in advance to discuss facilities required and suitable sampling sites.

Facilities to support diving include a recompression chamber, operators, and an auger for cutting diving holes through the ice. If your project requires fewer than five dives, it may be supported by AAD divers. Projects requiring more than five dives will be required to provide their own divers and equipment. Projects that require diving though the pack-ice zone may also be supported.

This page was last updated on 12 August 2010.