Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

An organisation called Benestar delivers a range of services to support participants in the Australian Antarctic Program. The support can be for various aspects of life such as physical, mental, social and financial.

Benestar is independent and professional. Their services are free to participants in the Australian Antarctic Program and eligible family members.

Who can access these services?

All participants in the Australian Antarctic Program, regardless of affiliation, have access to Benestar services at no cost. Participants' immediate families can also access the services for free. Access is available from commencement with the Program and for up to six months after their return from Antarctica or the sub-Antarctic.

Services can also be used by Head Office staff and their immediate families.

Individual Counselling and Support (MyCoach)

MyCoach provides professional and confidential support for challenging issues. They also provide coaching on ways to enhance wellbeing.

MyCoach services are provided by qualified and experienced professionals with extensive training in counselling and workplace issues. They can assist with a wide range of issues including:

  • Life – different life stages, change, grief and loss
  • Body – exercise, fitness, sleep, nutrition and healthy habits
  • Money – budgets, debt, saving and retirement planning
  • Relationships – work relationships, partner relationships and friendships
  • Work – from better work-life balance to enhancing performance
  • Family – parenting, elder care, family violence, extended and blended families
  • Mind – from managing stress to mental health

How to make an appointment

To make an appointment, call 1300 360 364. If you are calling outside of Australia, dial +61 2 8295 2292. The 1300 number can be called from Antarctic stations.

When you call, you will be asked to briefly explain the issue you are calling about. This will ensure you are allocated the most appropriate clinician, who will then call you back. Alternatively you can log a query online.

If you are an expeditioner, please make this known when you contact Benestar. This will ensure that you are connected to a counsellor who has undertaken additional training and is familiar with the Australian Antarctic Program.

Online resources (BeneHub)

BeneHub is an interactive online space designed to provide managers, employees, expeditioners and their family members with access to a vast library of health and wellbeing resources anywhere, anytime from their preferred device. You can also connect with a counsellor across a range of topics via a LiveChat service.

Access the BeneHub user guide [PDF] 

How to log on to BeneHub 

Go to the BeneHub login page.

If you are using the service for the first time:

Go to “Not Registered” on the right hand side of the screen and enter the following details:

  • Company Identifier: DENV
  • Company Token: DENV01

You will then be asked to create a new personal account, which will be completely private.