Light weight container style modules

These low-weight container style modules are manufactured from aluminium and composites. Their reduced weight allows deployment by large helicopter to remote field camps.

These containers can undergo a complete interior fit out for a variety of applications such as living, mess, ablutions, communications and laboratories, or they can be converted to fully self-contained modules.

The first production model has been deployed to the Casey skiway.


  • These self-contained units will permit a rapid deployment.
  • They are durable structures with a long life-cycle.
  • The containers can be assembled in custom sizes, and be combined for modular camp structures.
  • They offer high quality working/living environment.
  • These structures are suitable for fixed mounting of equipment such as communications or renewable energy generators (PV, solar hot water or wind turbines).
  • They are lightweight.


  • Designs and operational performance are not well developed, and exist as a prototype only.
  • They will consume a large shipping volume
  • They will be expensive to purchase, fabricate and deploy.