Mail information

The following information is to be used as a guide to the delivery of Australia Post mail to expeditioners based at the Australian Antarctic Division (AAD), in Antarctica or at subantarctic stations.

Mail should be limited to the following sizes and weight (as per the expeditioner handbook 2012/13): up to C5 envelopes (27 x 19cm) or small parcels with a maximum weight of 500g per item.

If you are purchasing items that exceed the size and or weight limits they will be deemed to be cargo and will need to be consigned to expeditioners via the eCon Shipping system. These items should be delivered to the AAD, Kingston, either using Australia Post or a Courier Service i.e. DHL, Fed Ex, to meet the nominated Cargo Required By Date (CRBD). The Supply Services Group will notify expeditioners of receipt of items at which time shipping paperwork can be completed.

Typical purchases that this would cover would be those made via the internet or phone of larger items, i.e. cameras, computers, clothing etc.

Alcohol must not be consigned via the mail system.

Mail required by dates are available under each voyage heading on the shipping schedules page. You may also contact the Supply Services Group on 03 6232 3372 for more information.

The correct format for addressing mail to expeditioners in Antarctica or Macquarie Island is as follows:

Ms A Example Davis Station (or Casey, Davis, Mawson or Macquarie Island) Australian Antarctic Division 203 Channel Highway KINGSTON TAS 7050

**Please note: If you want an expeditioner still in training at AAD Kingston to receive an item of mail rather than at the station please include the words 'in training' after their name.

Only the voyages/flights listed in the transport schedule will be used to deliver Australia Post mail. It should not be expected that the AAD will be able to use other shipping options, e.g. tourist vessels, to deliver mail. Mail delivery to Antarctic stations by A319 Airbus is possible, but senders must remember that delivery is not guaranteed.

All mail must adhere to normal Australia Post restrictions as well as adhering to the Division's environmental and quarantine requirements.