Watercraft Operators

Casey expeditioners watch Adelie penguins from inflatable rubber boat
It doesn’t get any better than this... Casey (Photo: Robert MacGregor)
An inflatable rubber boat pulled up on the sand with expeditioners standing around the boat Macquarie Island expeditioners board inflatable rubber boatLARC and IRB driving onto shore at Macquarie IslandExpeditioners standing in an inflatable rubber boat collecting samples from the water Crew using inflatable rubber boat to check fuel line across the water at CaseyUnloading cage pallets from barge on the shore with crane, ship in backgroundMacquarie Island Expeditioners launching inflatable boats as L'Astrolabe approachesTwo LARCs coming ashore at Macca bearing cargo transferred from L’Astrolabe Expeditioners in an inflatable rubber boat, cruising past an iceberg

Do you have coxswain 1 qualifications, a love of the sea and of hard work?

AAD watercraft operators operate and maintain a range of watercraft in potentially hazardous sea conditions, in support of various scientific and operational program priorities including the deployment of personnel and fuel resupply operations.

As a watercraft operator your job will involve skippering jet barges, workboats, Lighter Amphibious Resupply Cargo (LARC) and/or inflatable rubber boats (IRBs) on resupply voyages to Australia's three Antarctic continental stations, subantarctic Macquarie Island and other remote Southern Ocean locations.

Your main task will be to deploy, monitor and retrieve fuel lines and undertake ship-to-shore transfers of passengers and cargo.

What will you actually do on the job?

  • Operate and maintain watercraft in a range of potentially hazardous sea conditions, in support of program priorities including the deployment of personnel and fuel resupply operations.
  • Support ship and station operations, including resupply and science and general projects assisting with cargo operations, operating plant, other watercraft and support for project personnel on station and in the field.
  • Undertake field training support activities and provide briefings on operational and safety requirements.
  • Contribute to a brief report on activities undertaken and recommendations at the end of the voyage to the Operations Boating Officer. 

Interested in working in Antarctica?

Jobs in Antarctica are advertised during a recruitment period towards the end of each year. Some positions are not available every year. For more information, see Jobs in Antarctica.