Building Services Supervisor (BSS) and Engineering Services Supervisor (ESS)

Man with shovel standing on building site with station buildings behind.
Installing site services for the summer accommodation module at Davis
Expeditioners working on the Summer Accommodation ModuleMan kneeling next to bench in workshopExpeditioner building a frame out of wood in a workshopScaffolding around a red buildingExpeditioner repairing a the door on a green building, using a drill on a lock.Crane next to building, with many expeditioners at workPulling up piece of cladding for the roof of the buildingJoe Brennan off to do ESS businessBrendan Hopkins, ESS at Casey

As the Building Services Supervisor (BSS), you will be in charge of a multi disciplinary team of up to 6 people over the winter period, and be responsible for coordinating the operation and maintenance of infrastructure worth tens of millions of dollars!

The Engineering Services Supervisor (ESS) will be in charge of a multi disciplinary trades team of up to 20 people over the summer, and be responsible for coordinating a capital works programme worth up to a million dollars. Your team will include electricians, plumbers, carpenters, plant operators, technical officers and other trades people.

The average term in Antarctica for a BSS is about 15 months. A typical term for an ESS is about 8 months.

In these roles, you will also be part of the station management team which considers not only technical issues but also those concerned with general operations and people management. For example you may have the opportunity to take on the role of Deputy Station Leader.

Over the summer, the BSS is responsible to the ESS, but takes on full responsibilities for the station infrastructure over the winter months and reports back to Head Office in Kingston.

What will you actually do on the job?

  • As part of station management team, you will actively work to ensure effective delivery of the program and support all AAD policies.
  • Requisition all materials and equipment needed for the completion of the work program.
  • Coordinate and supervise the workload of a multi-disciplined trade group (note: the BSS is a working manager and is required to assist or perform the duties of either plumber, carpenter or electrician).
  • Monitor and report the progress of the works program.
  • Operate and maintain a Computerised Maintenance Management System.
  • Assist in science programmes when necessary.
  • The BSS will act as the ESS's deputy over the summer period.
As well as these specific job roles you will also be required to perform station duties rostered by the station leader to support community life, such as general kitchen duties, garbage clearance, water duties, and assisting other expedition members with official programs. You may volunteer for other duties such as firefighting, hydroponics and boating. 

Interested in working in Antarctica?

Jobs in Antarctica are advertised during a recruitment period towards the end of each year. Some positions are not available every year. For more information, see Jobs in Antarctica.