Stock control

Running out of food items is the single most frustrating thing that can happen.

When the winter is coming to an end, everyone, including the chef, may be getting tired of living this isolated life. The last thing chefs need to worry about is running out of food.

In Australia, chefs concern themselves with 'food cost percentage' and 'turnover', but in Antarctica, chefs have the luxury of only worrying about one thing, making it all last till the next resupply voyage.

The aim of stock control is both stock rotation and having a variety of food at the end of the resupply year. Not only is it essential, but a specific job requirement.

Use your initiative. For example, running out of all the biscuits is not on, running out of one variety of biscuits is OK. It is not acceptable to run out of a large selection of commodities, a few miscellaneous items is OK.

Bear in mind if things do run out, head office will try and accommodate you. However space on voyages other than resupply is strictly limited.

When any commodities look like running low or have run out, you'll need to give the chefs' supervisor a decent explanation before they are replaced, that is if it's possible to replace them.

The aim of stock control is to make the variety of food last until the next resupply. We, as chefs, do not take the attitude of when it's gone it's gone. Making the variety of items last till the following resupply is one of the biggest challenges you'll face. It takes time and effort and is an essential part of your duties.


Monthly Reports

At the end of each month you need to email supervisors at the AAD, with a courtesy copy to your Station Leader.

The report will include a few comments on how your month has gone. A pro forma for monthly reports will be provided to you prior to departure

Annual Report

Chefs are required to submit an annual report to their supervisor.

Copies will also be needed for the library, the station leader and an electronic copy for the intranet.

Resupply Reports

After the arrival of the 'resupply', particularly fresh food items (fruit and vegetables), chefs are required to send a report to the AAD and to their station leader to advise of any missing items or quality problems with any produce.