Meal times

Expeditioners at the table at Casey
Expeditioners in the mess at Casey (Photo: F Harkin)

Please note that meal times vary from station to station, and the times listed below are only guidelines.

Breakfast – 7.00-8.00 am

Nutritionists tell us that breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day and it is.

For several years now most expeditioners have forgone breakfast in favour of a large cooked "Smoko" at 10am. This practice has come under some criticism from the station doctors and nutritionists.

The AAD would now prefer the chefs to provide a cooked breakfast for those who want one and only provide a cake or slice at 'Smoko' time.

Morning tea – 10.00 am

As mentioned above please keep this simple and small.

Lunch – 12.30 pm

A typical lunch is soup and fresh bread, a light hot choice and a vegetarian choice.

A cold choice of cold cuts and salads makes a nice change from hot meals, people generally enjoy light dishes at lunch: Asian, grills, pasta etc. Lunch is also a good time to use up any leftovers from previous meals.

Dinner – 6.00 pm

It is normal for some of your group to snack at lunch, but dinner is a time for them to sit and relax.

The standard dinner is two hot choices (please try and make one of these a low fat/healthy dish) plus a vegetarian choice if you have any in your group. The meal should include a good choice of vegetables and a homemade dessert.

As every Sunday is the chef's day off (unless cargo operations are taking place), the cooked breakfasts and morning tea will not be prepared by the chef.

The meal times are only suggestions; usually meal times vary slightly and are set to suit the work practices of the particular station. It is important to remember that because of increased numbers during summer along with the limited table space it will be necessary to have longer 'sittings' at meal times.