Saturday nights & special events

Whilst at most meals you're required to give your group what they want or like to eat, even if that's plain home cooked meals, Saturday night's meal is a chance to prepare a 'chef's choice' and show off your skills.

Traditionally the tables have cloths on them. Candles and wine glasses are put out, alcohol is issued from the expeditioners' own stocks and generally speaking, most people put in an effort to dress nicely.

Save your nice items for special occasions like Saturday nights.

Theme nights are especially popular, such as Chinese, Indian, Mexican, Italian or Japanese. End of the month, summer or end of winter dinners are great.

Barbecues or meals in different locations around the station are another good idea, for example in the workshop or the green store. Having meals in different locations occasionally is good for variety as well as being a lot of fun.


Midwinter Day is the biggest event of the year on the stations, and the busiest time for the chef. The organisation and planning will have taken many weeks and involved all expeditioners. It's a day long festivity, a traditional event going back to Scott's party in the heroic era.

The day usually starts in the morning with some sort of breakfast followed by a sporting event, a midwinter swim for those brave enough, and it ends in the evening with the play 'Cinderella' or 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs'. This is usually preceded or followed by individual or group acts such as the station band.

Midwinter's dinner may be held anytime during the day, but in the middle of the afternoon is a good time, to make ready for the evening's entertainment.

All catering matters, including menu and presentation are handled by the chef. Chefs in the past have had more than 13 courses.

The station photographer usually prints menus and volunteers are generally forthcoming for extra help during the day, as waiters etc.

Be well organised for the big day, feel free to ask volunteers to cook meals in the days leading up to midwinter so you can concentrate on preparing for the menu.