The tops of black mountains rise above a blanket of white clouds.
The David Range, named by Sir Douglas Mawson after Professor Sir T. W. Edgeworth David (Photo: Geoff Paige)

Names proposals may be made to the Committee by completing the Antarctic Name Proposal form which should then be submitted to the Mapping Officer, Australian Antarctic Division. Anyone may propose a name. Following research by the Mapping Officer proposals are submitted to the Committee for consideration. If recommended they are then approved by the Minister responsible for Antarctic Matters and then may be used on maps and charts.

Unnamed geographical features should not be given names unless considered by the Committee and approved by the Minister. Such features should be distinguished by describing their location in relation to adjacent well known features and referred to as such on maps and diagrams and in all reports.

Information required for those proposing place names include a classification of features, guidelines on the use of appropriate names, descriptive and non-descriptive names, personal names and guidelines for features already named.

These guidelines should be read as governing the application of Antarctic place-names. In general, persons suggesting place-names should incline to non-personal names, although consideration will be given to submissions of place-names received in 2002-3, as these took place before the Committee adopted the new approach.

Persons with questions regarding the general issues of place-name procedures should consult either the AAD's Data Centre or the Secretary to the Committee.

This page was last updated on 12 August 2010.