2. Annual report 06-07

2.1 Scientific Information

2.1.1 Forward Plans

2.1.2 Science Activities in Previous Year 

2.2 Operational Information

2.2.1 National Expeditions

A. Stations - Summer, Winter,Refuges, Major Field Activities - no major field activities were undertaken in 2006/07.
B. Vessels
C. Aircraft
D. Research Rockets - no research rockets were used in the Australian Antarctic Program during 2006/07.
E. Military

2.2.2 Non-government Expeditions

A. Ship-based Operations

Orion ExpeditionsPDF

Heritage ExpeditionsPDF

Spirit of SydneyPDF

Ocean ExpeditionsPDF


Blizzard ExpeditionsPDF

Aurora ExpeditionsPDF

Yacht CommitmentPDF

Cowrie DancerPDF

Croydon TravelPDF

Peregrine AdventuresPDF

B. Land-based Operations 

Jarvis sledging expeditionPDF

2.3 Permit Information

2.3.1 Visits to Protected Areas

2.3.2 Taking and Harmful Interference with Flora and Fauna

2.3.3 Introduction of Non-native Species - No permits to introduce non-native species were issued for this season.

2.4 Environmental Information

2.4.1 Compliance with Protocol

2.4.2 List of IEEs and CEEs

2.4.3 Monitoring Activities Report

2.4.4 Waste Management Plans

2.5 Relevant National Legislation

Relevant National Legislation

2.6 Other Information

2.6.1 Inspection Reports - No inspections were undertaken by Australia during 2006/07.

2.6.2 Notice of Activities undertaken in cases of Emergency - No activities were undertaken by Australia as a result of an emergency during 2006/07.