Jobs in Antarctica

Apply now for the role of Antarctic Medical Practitioner. Applications for all other positions supporting the 2016-17 Australian Antarctic Program will open on 12 December 2015. Please register your interest to be notified via email when applications open.

The Australian Antarctic Division recruits for a wide range of jobs in Antarctica and at Macquarie Island each season.

As a successful applicant you will join a team of professionals that helps ensure our Antarctic Stations are safe and efficient and enables important scientific research to be conducted in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean.

Working and living in Antarctica is not for everyone, but successful applicants are supported, trained and equipped for the demands of Antarctic employment. To become eligible, you will satisfy a comprehensive range of technical, personal qualities, medical fitness and psychological assessments. The AAD will ensure that you are fully informed about Antarctic employment to ensure that the experience is both safe and satisfying.

Periods of employment vary depending on the type of job (with initial preparation and training in Hobart, Tasmania ranging between two weeks and three months):

  • Summer jobs are generally offered for periods between early October and March–April of the following year
  • Winter jobs can commence as early as July and run through until November–December of the following year
  • Shorter winter opportunities may arise, between January and November–December in the same year

The Department is currently negotiating a new Enterprise Agreement. Once a new Agreement is in place, relevant salaries and allowances will be updated on this website. Until such time as a new Agreement has been approved, current salaries and allowances as detailed on this website continue to apply.

To find out more about employment in Antarctica, please read general information for applicants [PDF] and personal qualities expected of Antarctic expeditioners. You may also like to try our working in Antarctica quiz.

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