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Apply now for the role of Antarctic Medical Practitioner.  Applications for all other positions supporting the 2016-17 Australian Antarctic program have now closed.

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Video transcript


[male voice] The thrill of a lifetime!

If you can get down here, just get it because it's so good – you’re going to love it.

[male voice] People are attracted to work here because of the environment. You know, it’s the allure of Antarctica. It may be on some people’s bucket lists. And it’s a unique working environment that not most Australians have the opportunity to do.

[male voice] It pays well, you get to work with a lot of other professionals that are very experienced. You get to learn a lot of skills off them. The conditions are very good down here. You get to live in nice, comfortable accommodation.

[female voice] Obviously it can be hard work at times but everybody knows that in a sense that’s what we’re here for and it’s satisfying to get a job done. We’re really lucky that we do have good recreational opportunities. An effort is made to help us get out and about and you know, see Antarctica.

[female voice] It’s surreal. Its quietness. Its beauty. But it’s also exciting to be picked to be down here. I feel extremely lucky. The feeling of the place is immense.

[end transcript]

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